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New Nursing Initiative Combines Work and Education, Provides Salary and Tuition Support

24 February 2023 SAINT JOHN (GNB) – The provincial government has announced a new education model to help produce more licensed practical nurses (LPN) and registered nurses (RN). About $13.3 million has been allocated for the Step Up to Nursing pilot project over two years. “We continue to build New Brunswick’s capacity for training health-care

New Academic Discipline That Improves Career Opportunities

Beal University is excited to offer several degrees in health sciences. Classes will begin on February 27, 2023. BANGOR, Maine (Yahoo News) — Beal University is excited to offer several degrees in health sciences. Classes will begin on February 27, 2023. In reference to a US News article, health science is a relatively new academic discipline.

8 Things To Know About The US Nursing Degree That New Brunswickers Can Apply For Now

If you’re thinking of studying nursing and you live in New Brunswick, you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Thanks to a collaboration between the Government of New Brunswick and Beal University in Bangor, Maine, New Brunswickers can enroll in a unique Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program that will get you qualified

Nurse Self-Rostering Pilot Could Help Hold Amid Rising Job Vacancies in NB: Union Pipa News

New Brunswick has more than 1,000 vacant nursing positions, according to data from the regional health networks. More than three-quarters of the permanent positions are within the Horizon Health Network. It is looking for 542 registered nurses, 163 licensed practice nurses and 65 patient care assistants. Horizon spokesperson Kris McDavid did not say how many

Senator Angus King Visits Beal University’s Wilton Campus

There’s a Shortage of Nurses in Rural Maine, but a New Program in Wilton is Designed to Help Beal University nursing student Nicholas Larrabee worked with Senator King to care for a virtual patient. NCM WILTON, Maine — The next chapter in Beal University’s history has begun in a town roughly 100 miles away from

Top 16 Nursing Trends That Will Shape Healthcare

Healthcare is a constantly changing and updating field. With advancements in technology, new care methods, and current world events, the trends hospitals, and nurses need to keep an eye on are changing year over year. Keep reading for the top 16 nursing trends. Trend #1: Nurse Shortage Will Continue According to the World Health Organization

New Brunswick Nursing Students Offered Financial Incentives to Study in Maine

Province and Beal University reach deal to see up to 100 New Brunswickers enter 3-year program The provincial government hopes a new partnership with Beal University in Bangor, Maine, will see more New Brunswickers trained to become registered nurses sooner and hired to alleviate a critical shortage at home. Beal has opened up 100 nursing

Beal University’s State-of-the-Art Nursing Program Blew Me Away

Yesterday, I was at a remote broadcast in Wilton at Beal University. They were giving tours of their new state-of-the-art simulation and nursing labs and I was absolutely blown away. This particular campus has so much to offer. If I wasn’t in radio, I would most definitely move over to nursing. This program is specifically

Elsevier Education Recognizes Beal University’s Virtual Reality Simulation for its Nursing Program

Beal University ADN Students Develop Deeper Thinking with SLS with VR Bangor Daily News | Nursing instructor Lorrie Springer gained her initial nursing education in the same way her students at Beal University do—in a two-year, ADN program. Knowing their background and having gone through the same experience led her to an important question: is