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Admissions FAQ

What do I need to bring to class on the first day?

You can expect to bring a notebook and a pen/pencil to class to take notes. Some lab classes will require a dress code but you’ll have that information from your instructor before classes start. Programs that require a dress code are: medical assistant, and nursing. The blue scrub color is called Galaxy Blue.

Online Students:  Make sure to log into your class the first day of class start with text books (see ‘When and how do I get my books?’)

When and how do I get my books?

Most students taking on campus classes will pick up their books at the book store, on their way to their first class. A half hour is usually enough time, to pick up books before the class starts.

Online Students:  It’s important that you order your books prior to class start.  Please be sure to log into Canvas on the very first day of classes, too.  To order your text books, visit our bookstore page.

How do I get set up with a free tutor?

Free peer tutors are available if you feel like you’re falling behind. You should first contact your instructor, let them know what’s going on and see if they have any suggestions for you. You can also talk with your classmates as some programs have study groups, you might be able to get back on track by joining a study group. If you still feel like a tutor would be helpful, please contact Robin Tardiff in Student Services, email [email protected]. If you’d like to become a peer tutor, fill out this brief application.

How do I opt out of insurance?

If you have any questions about your insurance you can contact [email protected].

What's my student ID #?

You can find your student ID number in your student portal, click on the menu in the top right, select class schedule. Your student ID number is at the top.

Who do I talk to about changing my schedule?

The registrar is person that manages the classes you’re taking. You can email them at [email protected].

Where can I see my class schedule?

You can find your class schedule in your student portal. Navigate to the student portal by going to, clicking the “students” button and selecting Student Portal. If you have troubles logging in you can contact Robert Looker in IT, [email protected]. 

How do I know if my transcripts have been received?

You can contact your admissions representative to see if your transcripts have been uploaded to your account. You can also contact the Registrar at 207-307-3900 or [email protected].

How do I know which transfer credits have been accepted?

You can see transfer credits in your student portal. Navigate to the student portal by going to, clicking the “students” button and selecting Student Portal. Click on the menu in the top right corner and then select the Academic History tab. Transfer credits will show as TC. If you have any questions about your transfer credits you can contact the registrar’s office at [email protected]. 

Who do I talk to about Financial Aid?

Financial aid can be contacted at [email protected]. Financial Aid does not handle student bills or refund checks, if you have questions about those areas please contact Student Accounts at [email protected].

Who do I talk to about my bill/payments?

Student Accounts manages your bills and or payments, you can contact them at [email protected].

Payments can be made a variety of ways.

  1. Online: Go to
  2. Mail: Beal University, 99 Farm Road, Bangor, ME 04401
  3. Telephone: Credit card payments are accepted by calling 207-307-3900.
  4. In Person: Payments can be made at the Front Desk on campus Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Will Financial Aid cover books?

You can put your books on your student account. If you have excess funds they can be used on books. You can also purchase books outside of the bookstore, the book list is located here and includes the ISBN numbers. If you have any questions about your books, please contact the bookstore, [email protected].

When are breaks and mod starts?

The academic calendar is located in the Course Catalog. The academic calendar can be found as a hyperlink in the index. The link can also be found in the footer section of our website, on every page.

What immunization records do I need?

Required immunizations for admissions are as follows:

  • Immunization records for measles, mumps, rubella (two MMR vaccinations are required if you were born after 1956) and a Tetanus shot (required for all applicants and must have been administered within the past 10 years). These must be submitted in order to register for classes.
  • Students in a 100% online program do not need to provide immunization records.

How do I get my High School Transcript/GED?

Typically, the easiest way to request your High School Transcript is to call your High School and ask them to send us your final transcript with graduation date and signature. They can send it via mail or email listed below.
Email: [email protected]
Mail: Beal University, 99 Farm Road, Bangor, ME 04401
GED’s can be requested from this link or you can contact the facility that you tested at. Faxed GED’s cannot be accepted as official transcripts.

How do I access my online classes?

Online classes will be available to access in Canvas on the first day of the module. Courses will not be available before the first day of the module. You can access Canvas by going to, clicking the Students tab, and then choosing the Canvas Login option. 

How do I access the library resources?

The library has a lot of resources available for our students, here’s a great place to get started. If you have any questions please contact the librarian at [email protected].

Who is my academic advisor?

Your program director is your academic advisor. 

How do I access my Beal email account? is where you can sign in to access your student email, and other applications to help you with schoolwork! Default credentials for student accounts are: ​

· Username (Beal Email): [email protected]

· Password: Last Name Capitalized followed by the last four of your SSN​

* Passwords need to be 8 characters long, if your last name is only three characters (Ex: Doe) there is an asterisk between your last name and the last four of your SSN (Doe*1234)

If you have any questions regarding your Email account or other accounts, email [email protected]