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Beal University Launches New Online Cannabis Diploma Program

The Cannabis Business Operations program can be completed in 10 months BANGOR, ME (Yahoo News) — Beal University in Bangor has added a new diploma program to its cannabis line of studies. The Diploma in Cannabis Business Operations is a 100% online studies program that can be completed in just 10 months and prepares graduates

Therapeutic Uses and Effects of Marijuana

Studies have investigated the effects of cannabis on patients’ well-being, providing valuable insights into their potential therapeutic applications Bangor Daily News | Marijuana (cannabis) has gained significant attention in recent years for its potential therapeutic benefits. Many individuals with various ailments have reported feeling better after using marijuana-based products. Cannabis contains over 100 active compounds

Why Earn a Degree in Cannabis?

Bangor Daily News | These days, you can’t dismiss someone seeking a career in cannabis as merely an aspiring hippie looking to drift in and out of euphoric, philosophical thoughts fueled by THC. Human use of the cannabis plant dates back thousands of years. Over the millennia, cannabis experienced major changes in popularity and social

Beal University’s Program Director Named to NCIA Education Committee

Sarah Taylor-Laine, Beal’s Cannabis & Medicinal Plant Sciences Program Director, was recently chosen to participate on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Education Committee. Founded in 2010, NCIA is the oldest, largest, and most effective trade association serving the cannabis industry. NCIA membership consists of hundreds of small businesses and tens-of-thousands of cannabis professionals. Learn more

Meet Sarah Taylor, Beal University’s Program Director for Cannabis & Medicinal Plant Sciences

Sarah is Passionate About Bringing Critical Thinking Back to the Classroom Bangor Daily News | Sarah Taylor is a plant biologist with experience in agriculture, horticulture, and arboriculture. Joining Beal University’s faculty in 2022, Sarah holds a M.S. and B.S. in Biological Science from California State University, Fullerton. In her graduate studies, she completed her

Maine Cannabis Companies Celebrate 4/20

Author: Sam Rogers (NEWS CENTER Maine) It was a busy 4/20 for Maine’s medical and adult-use marijuana shops Wednesday as the industry is bracing for another busy tourism season MAINE — There was an abnormally busy flow of traffic Wednesday for many marijuana shops around Maine. The day marked a celebration of the unofficial April

Beal University in Bangor Offers Cannabis Degrees (Watch the Video)

As a rapidly expanding business, a degree in cannabis represents a great educational opportunity in 2022. Evolving laws and changing attitudes make the cannabis sector a budding frontier for legitimate professionals of all kinds. Is a Rewarding Career in Cannabis or Medicinal Plant Sciences Right for You? Get More Info… If you’re interested in learning

Beal University in Bangor offers cannabis degree programs

The University is offering two associate degree programs and one bachelor’s degree program. The first sessions begin on May 2. Author: Carly D’Eon (News Center Maine) Published: 8:01 PM EDT April 5, 2022 Updated: 8:21 PM EDT April 5, 2022 BANGOR, Maine — As the marijuana industry grows in Maine, some colleges and universities are

Beal University Launches Online Cannabis Degrees

Innovative programs prepare graduates to meet the demands of the growing cannabis industry Bangor Daily News – Beal University has formally announced the launch of its new online programs in: associates degree in Cannabis Business Administration; associate degree in Cannabis Laboratory Science; and bachelor degree in Medicinal Plant Sciences. The programs are expected to enroll