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7 Ways Online Learning May be the Best Choice for Your Education

Recently, I was struck by how important online learning had become for people as I overheard someone explain, “After completing my online program, I was able to start earning more money right away and build my career quickly. My degree allowed me to apply for jobs that were out of reach before, and that created

Therapeutic Uses and Effects of Marijuana

Studies have investigated the effects of cannabis on patients’ well-being, providing valuable insights into their potential therapeutic applications Bangor Daily News | Marijuana (cannabis) has gained significant attention in recent years for its potential therapeutic benefits. Many individuals with various ailments have reported feeling better after using marijuana-based products. Cannabis contains over 100 active compounds

Five Things to Know Before Becoming a Nurse

Starting a career path as a Registered Nurse can be daunting. But, with the right mindset and knowledge, it can also be incredibly rewarding. In this blog post, here are five things everyone should know before becoming a Registered Nurse.   Understanding the Role of a Registered Nurse  Before becoming a Registered Nurse, it is essential

5 Reasons to Earn a Degree in Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology (HIT) is a rapidly growing field that offers promising career opportunities for individuals interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology. With the healthcare industry’s increasing reliance on electronic health records (EHRs), data analytics, and telehealth, HIT professionals are in high demand. Here are some reasons why Health Information Technology is a

Foundation campaign to build hospital garden one more reason Sackville hospital is ‘thriving’

Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation chair Bill Evans, Moneris Solutions representative Tanya Becker, Horizon hospital director Christa Wheeler-Thorne, and campaign director Carolle de Ste-Croix. Photo: Erica Butler The Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation has launched its latest fundraising campaign, and this time instead of purchasing a new piece of equipment, the foundation has commissioned a design for

U.S. College to Offer Nursing Degree Option in New Brunswick

Conditional approval given by province to Beal University, based in Maine Those considering a career in nursing may soon have more education options in New Brunswick. Beal University, a private college in Maine, has been given conditional approval by the province to offer a bachelor of science in nursing, through a combination of online courses

Maine’s Beal University Wants To Set up a Nursing Program in Canada with Classrooms at the Sackville Memorial Hospital

Sackville has been home to a university for just over 180 years, and in 2023, it might just become home to a second, if Beal University Canada gets the green light from the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) to operate as a university in the province. But a common location in Sackville is where

Why Earn a Degree in Cannabis?

Bangor Daily News | These days, you can’t dismiss someone seeking a career in cannabis as merely an aspiring hippie looking to drift in and out of euphoric, philosophical thoughts fueled by THC. Human use of the cannabis plant dates back thousands of years. Over the millennia, cannabis experienced major changes in popularity and social