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Beal University Introduces Innovative Online M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Bangor, ME, September 19, 2023] – Beal University is excited to announce the launch of its new online Master of Science (M.S.) program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Designed to provide comprehensive training for aspiring mental health professionals, the program equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel

Choosing Between an Associate Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree

Which degree program is best for you? An associate degree or a bachelor’s degree? The degree program you choose should align with your personal, professional, and financial goals. Both options offer unique advantages and cater to different aspirations. Understanding the key differences between these degrees and assessing your personal goals can help you make an

The Transformative Impact of Earning a University Degree as an Adult

Embracing education as a lifelong journey has never been more relevant. The prospect of returning to university to attain a new degree as an adult offers a multitude of transformative benefits that extend well beyond the academic realm. Let’s explore how such a commitment can be a life-changing experience, along with five essential considerations when

Beal University Launches New Online Cannabis Diploma Program

The Cannabis Business Operations program can be completed in 10 months BANGOR, ME (Yahoo News) — Beal University in Bangor has added a new diploma program to its cannabis line of studies. The Diploma in Cannabis Business Operations is a 100% online studies program that can be completed in just 10 months and prepares graduates

Programmatic Accreditation: Ensuring Quality in Education

In education, accreditation plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and integrity of institutions and programs. It provides a seal of approval, signaling to students, employers, and stakeholders that an educational program meets established standards of excellence. One type of accreditation is programmatic accreditation. Programmatic accreditation is a process through which specialized programs or

The Cost of a Good Education

The costliest assumption a high school student can make about college is this: “I can’t afford it” …… or, “It takes too long”. But have you considered what the cost is by not getting a degree? The difference between having a college degree and not having one can significantly impact your future. According to an analysis

Beal University Expands Master’s Program in Nursing

Registered Nurses can now earn a Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s degree BANGOR, ME | June 14, 2023 | Yahoo — Beal University has taken an important step to address the nursing shortage in Maine by launching a new MSN-FNP degree program at the university. An aging population coupled with a shortfall of primary care physicians

Turning Point: Helping to Break Addiction’s Grip

Addiction and abuse in the United States has become a prolonged epidemic.  Addiction Counselors are Needed Now More than Ever! Bangor Daily News — If you’re considering a career in addiction counseling, it’s important to navigate through the various job titles and abbreviations associated with the field. Understanding the education, certifications, and qualities required for