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New Academic Discipline That Improves Career Opportunities

Beal University is excited to offer several degrees in health sciences. Classes will begin on February 27, 2023.

Beal University offers several degrees in health sciences – with classes starting February 27, 2023   Credit: Ani Kolleshi

BANGOR, Maine (Yahoo News) — Beal University is excited to offer several degrees in health sciences. Classes will begin on February 27, 2023.

In reference to a US News article, health science is a relatively new academic discipline. While health science does not have long-established programs at many universities, there are several reasons to consider earning a degree in health sciences.

1. Quickly start a career in many different health professions

Health science focuses more on health topics than basic sciences (e.g., biology or chemistry). This reprioritization broadens students’ horizons to the numerous aspects of healthcare.

In other words, health science programs — like Beal’s healthcare science program — ensure students have the knowledge and skills to quickly start a career in many different health professions. For this reason, a health science degree is more pragmatic than a basic science one, especially for students with diverse interests in healthcare but undecided about a specific career path.

2. Stay relevant and flexible

Health science is a practical choice; and a degree in this discipline may also help students stay relevant — especially in rapidly expanding industries. For example, cannabis is a growing industry according to Robin Tardiff, Beal University’s Director of Career Services.  And Sheryl DeWalt, Beal University President, stated, “This [growing industry] created tremendous employment opportunities and demand for workers trained in the cannabis field.”

But as Stephen Villett, Beal University’s COO, pointed out, “There’s not a lot of schools doing these programs.” So, Beal University is offering cannabis degree programs online. By doing so, Villet hopes to attract students from multiple states. These programs will give students the opportunity to come in, maybe start at that entry-level floor, but then work their way up into laboratories and sciences.

These programs also have some built-in flexibility to adapt to your changing interests. For example, Beal’s cannabis degree in business administration can help you pursue a career in the cannabis industry or another business field.

3. Stay in demand

Aside from staying relevant and flexible, a health science degree may also keep you in demand. This is particularly important for a career in a sector, where technology is rapidly transforming healthcare.

For this reason, Beal’s health information management program will prepare you to take eight different certification exams. This is to increase your chances of success in finding and retaining employment in a constantly-changing healthcare field.

4. Have a great foundation for advanced degrees

In addition to the above reasons, a health science degree provides a great foundation for advanced degrees. This may include:

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Optometry
  • Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Veterinary

In fact, Beal’s biomedical science degree can further your medical studies with a direct-admission pathway to St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine.


According to Dewalt, “Beal University’s mission focuses on providing educational programs that aligned to the employer needs.” These types of contemporary academic programs — like degrees in health sciences — improve students’ career opportunities.

Beal University also strives to become partners with students on their journey by offering a modular system (mod system). The mod system helps suit your lifestyle. This way, you can better balance work, family, and school commitments. This system also accelerates your health science degree program. So, you can complete your degree faster with the same number of credits — but take fewer classes at a time when compared to traditional colleges.

Health science classes start February 27, 2023. To learn more about earning a degree in health sciences, fill out the form on this page. For immediate questions, call 207-307-3900.

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