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Fast Track Your Future: How Accelerated Degrees Benefit Career Starters, Changers and Climbers

Thinking about starting a career, changing, or climbing the ladder in your current field? While a traditional degree can be valuable, an accelerated degree program might be the perfect fit for your busy life.

Let’s explore how accelerated degrees in three specific fields can benefit different groups:

1. The Career Starter: Maria, the Numbers Whiz

Maria has a knack for numbers and wants to launch a new career in accounting. However, she lacks the formal training to get started. An accelerated associate’s degree in accounting could equip Maria with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to land an entry-level accounting job in a shorter time frame than a traditional four-year degree.

Story: Maria thrives on balancing her checkbook and enjoys helping friends with their finances. She considers a career in accounting but is intimidated by a lengthy degree program. Researching online, she discovers a small private university offering an accelerated, online program in accounting. This program allows her to keep her part-time job while gaining essential accounting skills like bookkeeping, payroll processing, and tax preparation. Within 20 months, Maria graduates with confidence and lands a bookkeeping position at a local accounting firm.

2. The Career Changer: David, the Data-Driven Healthcare Professional

David has been a registered nurse for 10 years, but the administrative side of healthcare piques his interest. He wants to leverage his medical knowledge and organizational skills in a new role. An accelerated bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management (HIM) could provide David with the specific skills and credentials needed to transition into a rewarding career in healthcare data analysis, privacy, and security.

Story: David feels a growing interest in the complex world of healthcare data. He remembers his aptitude for organizing patient information and ensuring its accuracy. Looking for ways to make a switch, he finds an online accelerated bachelor’s degree program in HIM designed for working adults. The program allows him to use his existing nursing experience while learning about medical coding, healthcare informatics, and data security regulations. After 38 months of focused study, David graduates and lands a coveted position as a Health Information Management Specialist at a major hospital.

3. The Career Climber: Stephanie, the Aspiring Business Leader

Stephanie is a successful accountant, but she aspires to take on a leadership role in the company. An accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can equip her with the necessary business acumen and leadership training to advance her career.

Story: Stephanie excels as a senior accountant but craves broader business knowledge. She learns that her company offers tuition reimbursement for relevant programs. She identifies an accelerated online MBA program that allows her to continue working full-time. The program focuses on finance, marketing, strategy, and effective leadership. Upon graduation, Stephanie is promoted to a management position, leading her accounting team to even greater efficiency and profitability.

Benefits Beyond Speed

While a faster track to a new career is a significant advantage, accelerated degrees offer other benefits:

  • Focus and Efficiency: Designed for busy adults, accelerated programs eliminate unnecessary general education courses, focusing on core skills needed for your desired career path.
  • Flexibility: Many programs offer online options or evening classes, allowing you to study around your work schedule.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By staying in a part-time job you are able to continue to earn income. By condensing the program length, you can potentially save on tuition fees.

Is an Accelerated Degree Right for You?

Consider your learning style, time commitment, and financial situation. Accelerated programs require discipline and a strong work ethic.

Do your research! Look for accredited programs with a strong reputation and career support services.

Remember: An accelerated degree can be a powerful tool to jumpstart your career in accounting, health information management, or business leadership, propelling you to the next level.