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Academic Calendar

A study group working together. To learn more about Beal's accelerated degree programs give us a call.
Beal University operates on accelerated 8-week Mods (semesters), allowing you to finish faster and enter the workforce

Accelerated 8-week Terms and 6 Start-Dates Per Year Lets You Complete Your Education Faster

We have designed our course calendar to be efficient, allowing you the opportunity to complete 6 mini-semesters that are 8-weeks long, and attend school year-round. That way you can complete your degree much faster than at a traditional college. Alternatively, you could take part-time school, evening or online courses. Modify the schedule to meet your needs.

The Mod System Makes for Faster Semesters

Beal University’s Modular System makes life easier! Beal University is best known for its unique class scheduling system, called a Mod System, where classes run half as long as regular semesters. Full-time students still complete the same number of credits per year but focus on fewer classes at a time.

How Beal University’s Mod system stands out:

  • Students attend school year-round, skip most of the school breaks and graduate faster
  • Most on-campus classes are scheduled Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • No Friday classes for all majors except Nursing!
  • The 12-month school year is divided into 6 individual terms; each term is 8-weeks long
  • Many programs offer evening classes, in addition to day classes
  • Many programs are 100% online and most others offer hybrid options
  • All General Education classes online!
  • Earn your diploma in 14 months or less.
  • Most Associate Degrees are 18 months or less!

Mod Schedule

2023 Academic Calendar

Download the 2023 Calendar

MOD 3 2023

January 3 Classes Begin
February 20 Presidents’ Day – No Classes
February 24 MOD 3 Ends

MOD 4 2023

 February 27 Classes Begin
 April 17 Patriot’s Day – No Classes
 April 21 MOD 4 Ends
Spring Break: April 24–April 28

MOD 5 2023

May 1 Classes Begin
May 29 Memorial Day – No Classes
June 23 MOD 5 Ends
Summer Break: June 26–June 30

MOD 6 2023

July 3 Classes Begin
July 4 School Closed
August 25 MOD 6 Ends
Fall Break: August 28-September 1

MOD 1 2023

September 4 School Closed – Labor Day
September 5 Classes Begin
October 27 MOD 1 Ends

MOD 2 2023

October 30 Classes Begin
November 11 Veterans Day – No Classes
November 24 School Closed
December 22 MOD 2 Ends