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Meet Sarah Taylor, Beal University’s Program Director for Cannabis & Medicinal Plant Sciences

Sarah is Passionate About Bringing Critical Thinking Back to the Classroom

Bangor Daily News | Sarah Taylor is a plant biologist with experience in agriculture, horticulture, and arboriculture. Joining Beal University’s faculty in 2022, Sarah holds a M.S. and B.S. in Biological Science from California State University, Fullerton. In her graduate studies, she completed her thesis on diurnal and seasonal variation in non-structural carbohydrates in the chaparral shrub Malosma laurina. Sarah’s undergraduate thesis explored testing a new method for in-situ measurements of stem hydraulic conductance in intact plants.

In addition to her teaching experience at Beal, Sarah has taught college-level courses at other institutions. She is a former lecturer for the Department of Life Science at Long Beach City College and the Department of Biological Science at California State University, Fullerton.

Sarah has performed diverse work in research, quality control, regulatory affairs, scientific communication, and consulting. She is a former Senior Manager for Research and Development (R&D) at DPH Biologicals (formerly known as Douglas Plant Health). Previously, she served in a variety of roles for the crop protection and nutrition company Growth Products Ltd.. Sarah is also an ISA Certified Arborist (2016).

As the Program Director for Beal University’s Medicinal Plant Sciences and Cannabis programs, Sarah is focused on the power of phytomedicines to address many intractable diseases, particularly those involving systemic inflammation. In 2022, she made significant updates to the Medicinal Plant Sciences and Cannabis programs to make them more balanced and relevant to a fast-changing industry.

Explosive Growth Brings New Opportunities

At a time of fast growth in the plant sciences sector, particularly in the legal cannabis industry, Sarah says now is the perfect time for prospective students to consider a degree in the field. The continued decriminalization of cannabis is a reflection of people looking to take more control over their own lives and health. Furthermore, the economy is entering an era of reinvention, and cannabis is one of the chief catalysts. As such, the cannabis industry is one of the few places where small businesses are poised to thrive. The industry has done a good job overall in including the voices of diverse stakeholders in shaping policy and legislation. Additionally, the cannabis plant itself is multifaceted and can be used to make medicine, fiber, and food, in addition to being used recreationally with much less health risk than more established substances, such as tobacco and alcohol.

At Beal, Sarah is leading a cannabis program that is truly unique from those at other institutions. The B.S. in Medicinal Plant Sciences is particularly unique, combining a broad scientific foundation with specific curriculum in the plant sciences, cannabis-specific material, and an emphasis on critical thinking and communication. The two A.S. degree programs in Cannabis Sciences and Cannabis Business Administration are industry-informed from step one. The curriculum is vetted and annually reviewed by diverse industry practitioners. All three programs are carefully built to meet the needs of today’s students and their potential employers.

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