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Online MBA Program Now Offered at Beal College

With their new online MBA program, Beal College is enabling students to further their careers from the comfort of their own home

Steve Villett, MBA; Beal College’s Business Program Director and Chief Operations Officer.

Bangor Daily News | Education is changing – it is shifting online. It was with this in mind that Beal College in Bangor, Maine created a new, completely online MBA program. This MBA program will mark another addition to their growing program options that are offered 100% online.

An MBA is becoming more important for today’s professionals looking to gain an edge in the workforce. For example, those with an MBA often go on to earn more in higher level positions after graduation. Through Beal College’s new online MBA program, today’s professionals can better themselves and their career options completely from home.

Beal College designed the new online MBA program with a dynamic curriculum, in which students gain the practical knowledge needed to excel in their workplace. Students can keep up with the latest business trends through a well-rounded selection of courses. For example, courses like The Digital Economy and Managing in a Changing Environment reflect today’s evolving business climate.

Steve Villett, COO of Beal College and MBA program director, stresses the importance of an MBA in today’s workplace.

“The MBA degree is one of the most prestigious and sought after postgraduate degrees worldwide. It has continually been held in high respect in the local and international business community. Our MBA degree focuses on the applications of analytical, functional and ethical decision making of senior level management. It provides the foundation that transcends across many sectors including healthcare, business, financial, technology and more. We believe adding this degree provides a seamless pathway for Bachelor business degree graduates to further advance their careers.”

An On-Campus Experience, From Home

Beal College designed the MBA program with a student-centric approach to allow the freedom of remote learning. Students will not feel alone though. Beal’s support system is there to help students succeed within the program, and into their professional careers.

Beal College also offers several other online programs including a Bachelors in Nursing, Health Information Management,  and Biomedical and Health Sciences. In addition to their completely online programs, all other traditional degree programs have hybrid options, allowing students to complete the first 4-6 months of the program from home.

Students will not have to worry about missing out on a traditional learning experience. Group projects, discussion questions, and integrative assignments create an interactive curriculum. Subsequently, this provides a hands-on experience. In addition to this, students can still access campus services such as the writing center, library services, technical support, and career services.

Looking Toward the Future

In short, Beal College continues to adapt to an ever-changing world, giving students the necessary tools to control their education, and their future. Interested in furthering your career? Check out the MBA program page for more details about MBA courses, requirements, and outcomes!

By W. Rosenberger