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Science Career Paths: 10 Programs That Should be on Your Radar

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Choosing the right career path can be quite a challenge for some individuals. If you’re a science-minded student unsure of which direction to take, Beal University offers a diverse range of programs, from diplomas to master’s degrees, catering to various scientific interests. Whether you’re intrigued by cannabis science, medicinal plant science, health sciences, biomedical science, or health information management, Beal has a program that could be the perfect fit for you.

1. Cannabis Science AAS

Delve into the emerging field of cannabis science, exploring its biology, industry, and potential applications. Be at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry with the Cannabis Science AAS program.

2. Medicinal Plant Science BS

Unlock the secrets of medicinal plants with the Medicinal Plant Science BS program. Gain a deep understanding of plant biology and the potential healing properties of various plant species.

3. Health Sciences AAS

For a broad foundation in health sciences, the AAS program is designed to provide a well-rounded education. Explore the interdisciplinary aspects of health sciences and discover your specific area of interest.

4. Health Sciences BS

Take your health sciences education to the next level with the BS program. Specialize in areas like public health, health administration, or health education and set yourself on a path to make a meaningful impact.

5. Biomedical Science BS

Embark on a journey into the intricacies of human biology with the Biomedical Science BS program. Prepare for a career in research, healthcare, or further studies in the biomedical field.

6. Health Information Management BS

Combine your love for science with technology and management skills in the Health Information Management BS program. Learn to organize and manage health information systems for improved healthcare delivery.

7. Health Information Technology AAS

Explore the intersection of healthcare and technology with the AAS program. Acquire the skills to manage health information systems and contribute to the evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

8. Medical Admin Specialist AAS

Develop administrative expertise in a healthcare setting with the Medical Admin Specialist AAS program. Learn to navigate the administrative side of healthcare and support the smooth operation of medical facilities.

9. Medical Assisting Diploma

Gain hands-on skills and knowledge in patient care, medical procedures, and administrative tasks with the Medical Assisting Diploma. Prepare for a vital role in the healthcare industry.

10. Medical Assistant AAS

Take your medical assisting career to the next level with the AAS program. Deepen your understanding of medical procedures, patient care, and healthcare administration.

Beal University’s science-focused programs are designed to cater to various interests, providing a comprehensive education that aligns with industry needs. These programs not only allow you to explore your passion for science but also open doors to diverse career opportunities. Most importantly, with the majority of these programs being 100% online, you can fast-track your journey from Learn to Earn, gaining the skills you need for a successful and fulfilling career in the scientific realm. Take the first step towards a rewarding career by exploring the diverse science programs Beal University has to offer.

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