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Beal University Now Offers Addiction Counseling Programs 100% Online

Start training for a career in one of Beal’s Online Addiction Counseling programs this fall!

This fall, Beal launches its three Addiction programs online

For over 15 years, Beal University has offered student centered programs in the field of Addiction Counseling to prepare students for careers as Addiction Counselors. Now, Beal University will offer their Addiction Counseling Diploma, Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs entirely online while maintaining its on-campus Addiction Counseling Diploma program for local students.

The global pandemic dramatically increased the need for telemedicine providers, yet, even before the impact of Covid-19, Beal University recognized the urgency of providing students the freedom, flexibility, and accessibility to classes that would fit into their schedule and make pursuing their education possible.

“We enthusiastically announce that our Addiction Counseling Diploma, Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs will be offered fully online this fall! Beal is proud to provide Addiction Counseling programs that will prepare hundreds of students dedicated to supporting their communities through addiction recovery. We are excited that we are now providing fully online programs as well as continuing with the traditional on-campus diploma program. Beal University’s legacy continues graduating dedicated students who become fully engaged counselors that help hurting individuals on their journey to long term recovery.”

Sheryl DeWalt, President of Beal University

Online or On Campus, Beal University is Student Driven

Becoming an Addiction Counselor is more accessible and attainable than ever with Beal University’s 14 month Diploma Program now completely online. The Diploma program is designed for those who wish to take their first step in becoming an Addiction Counselor. Students may then transition to the online Associate Degree Addiction Counseling program and complete their degree in just 8 months. Beal also offers an online Bachelor’s Degree program in Addiction Counseling. No matter which format, online or on campus, Beal University’s focus is student driven, providing year-round classes, with emphasis on helping students achieve their degree.

There’s a Need for Skilled Addiction Counselors

Addiction is a serious problem and a pressing health issue that plagues the American population. Of the many solutions to this pressing social and health issue, Addiction Counseling is a principal component of recovery. The need for skilled Addiction Counselors continues to grow. Over the next 10 years their demand is predicted to increase 25%, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The field of Addiction counseling is one with a variety of career settings to work in. These include: medical facilities, mental health centers, prisons, probation or parole agencies, juvenile detention facilities, inpatient or outpatient facilities, day programs, halfway houses, detox centers, and employee assistance programs. Beal’s Addiction programs acknowledge social and cultural diversity that will allow students to seek employment in sites with diverse clientele.

The Addiction Counseling programs at Beal University are devoted to educating students to pursue careers as skilled practitioners by working through a well-developed curriculum that integrates counseling skills and life experiences into ethical  effective interventions. A career in Addiction Counseling is a rewarding path and may change the the course of many lives by providing hope – one person at a time.

By: Marlena Ashford