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Unlock a Promising Career – 10 Ways Welding May Be a Worthwhile Career Choice

The Welding Technology program at Beal starts October 30th. Learn More >

If you’ve been thinking about changing your job path or beginning a brand new one after high school, a welding career could be a great choice. Here are 10 ways becoming a skilled welder may be your ticket to a rewarding and secure career.

1. High Demand and Job Security

Skilled welders are in high demand across diverse industries. This means job security and a steady income await you as you enter the workforce.

2. Competitive Salaries

Welders earn competitive salaries, and as you gain experience and specialized skills, your income potential increases.

3. Quick Entry

Unlike lengthy university programs, you can become a certified welder in as little as 8 months, saving both time and money.

4. Hands-On Gratification

If you love working with your hands and seeing tangible results, welding provides a deeply satisfying experience as you craft and build essential structures.

5. Versatile Opportunities

Welding isn’t confined to one industry. You can explore exciting niches like construction, automotive, or even artistic welding, allowing you to pursue your passion.

6. Growth Potential

With time and dedication, you can progress to roles such as welding inspector, welding engineer, or even start your own welding business.

7. International Adventures

Welding skills are in demand worldwide, offering you the chance to work across borders, enriching your life with new experiences and potentially higher-paying jobs.

8. Lifelong Learning

The welding industry continuously evolves with technological advancements, ensuring that you’ll never stop learning and staying at the forefront of your field.

9. Building the Future

As a welder, you’ll contribute to society by constructing vital infrastructure, making a tangible impact on your community.

10. Fulfillment and Reward

Knowing that your work helps create essential structures, such as bridges and public facilities, can provide a strong sense of fulfillment and purpose.

You Can Train for a Welding Career with Beal University

Beal University has two welding programs that range from 8 to 16 months. The diploma program can be completed in as little as 8 months and is designed for those who wish to accelerated their learning with all the pertinent information and skills required to start your welding career. The Associate’s degree program is an extension of the diploma program required just an additional 8 months (for a total of 16 months) to complete. The Associate’s degree is designed to give you broader training and with this option, you would graduate with both a diploma and a degree.

Are you ready to invest in your welding future? If so, call Beal University at 207–307-3900 or fill out this quick form fill out the form to find out about the next enrollment dates.