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The Cost of a Good Education

Learn to Earn with a degree from Beal University.

The costliest assumption a high school student can make about college is this: “I can’t afford it” …… or, “It takes too long”.

But have you considered what the cost is by not getting a degree? The difference between having a college degree and not having one can significantly impact your future.

According to an analysis performed by the Bureau for Labor Statistics, there is a positive correlation between your pay and your level of education.

  1. An employee who graduated high school but did not attend any form of higher education can expect to earn $853 per week or $44,356 per year if they work constantly. Their unemployment rate is 4.0%.
  2. The average expected earnings for an associate degree graduate are $1,005 per week and $52,260 per year. Their average unemployment rate is 2.7%.
  3. And the average expected weekly earnings for an employee with a bachelor’s degree on their resume are $1,432 or $74,464 per year and their unemployment rate is also significantly lower, at 2.2%.

Clearly, higher education benefits your employment prospects and your earning potential. Higher education increases your value as a professional in your field.

But still, for most people there is an immediate time and dollar consideration. Many people can not fit a traditional four year college into their lives. Nor can they afford to stop working in order to go to school. Cost is a real problem. Can cost be reduced?

There is a Solution

What if you could earn a degree while continuing to work? And what if you could earn a degree in considerably less time compared to a traditional college? By continuing to work you would be maintaining your income. By finishing faster you would be ready to earn a better salary much sooner, eliminating “downtime”. That’s a win-win that makes a lot of sense. Think about it. Suddenly earning a degree is worthy of your consideration.

Consider Beal University. Beal University’s diploma and degree programs are specifically designed to help you get from LEARN to EARN faster with a top notch education. Beal can help you reduce the cost of earning a degree.

  • Beal has been teaching forward-looking individuals real-world skills for careers in high-demand fields since 1891
  • Beal’s 8 week terms and year round learning lets you earn your degree faster to get you into the workforce sooner
  • Beal offers 26 degree or diploma programs across 6 fields of study. Earn an associate’s degree in as little as 16 months, with only 2 classes per term
  • Beal’s course schedule allows for maximum flexibility so you can organize your studies around your life
  • And most of Beal’s programs are 100% on line. So you can learn from home which allows you to work and continue to earn money.

Getting Started

At Beal University you ‘ll learn faster and earn more sooner. You can fast track your career and reduce cost through efficient use of your time! Imagine what it would be like to get a better job in a career that you are passionate about. Months ahead of the traditional college path!

If you’ve been putting off getting your degree, this is your moment. Call today and register for the next degree program in your field. Beal will be there to help you every step of the way.

Here’s to your success!

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