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Beal College is Now Beal University

With their 130th anniversary on the horizon, Beal College is excited to announce a major development.

Effective December 28, 2020, Beal College changed its name to Beal University. While Beal’s official name is changing, their identity and core values will remain the same.

The University will still uphold its dedication to excellence in education, with an emphasis on career-focused education and real-world preparation. Beal College had humble beginnings as Miss Beal’s School of Shorthand and Typing. Since then, Beal College has grown offering diplomas to graduate level degrees with a focus on adapting to students’ needs.

Beal University President, Sheryl DeWalt, welcomed the change.

“At this pivotal time in our history, with our 130th anniversary occurring in 2021, the decision to change our name to Beal University marks the exciting start of the next chapter of our story,”


Upholding Excellence

Beal College has always been on the forefront of making education accessible to everyone. The College’s MOD system, along with remote learning, was designed to be flexible. Students can seek the career of their dreams while also fulfilling their obligations at work or home. Now, with new options like the online MBA program, students can reach even greater heights without the limitations of traditional education programs. It is because of this growth that Beal College is becoming Beal University.

The University title was chosen because it reflects Beal’s current status as a comprehensive higher education institution. Beal University is now offering undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields. Aspiring nurses entering the School of Nursing can enroll in the pre-licensure AS in Nursing degree, Bachelors in Nursing, and the Master’s in Nursing degree program. Beal University also offers a wide range of degrees in both its School of Business and Technology, and School of Health Sciences.

This change comes at a time when the College has experienced record enrollments. Beal University hopes to open its door to an even greater number of students in the future.

“While this is certainly a new and significant development, it is the result of an ongoing, strategic planning process,” said DeWalt. “The name change will enhance Beal’s recruitment efforts across all audiences and especially among international, graduate and non-traditional students because the university status is more widely understood in those groups.  It also will pave the way for expanded academic and partnership opportunities for both faculty and students,“

New Name, Same Values

While this change is an exciting update to Beal’s history, it will not alter their commitment to students. Beal University will still uphold their dedication to outstanding instruction and personalized education, while promoting academic excellence and responsible citizenship.

“Our story, which began in 1891 with less than 25 students and now describes a comprehensive institution that has graduated over 10,000 students, is one of growth and change.  Changing from college to university will now become part of that story. But the most important part has always been the transformative impact of a Beal education on the lives of our students.  No matter what we call ourselves, that will always be the heart of our story.”Beal University President, Sheryl DeWalt


By W. Rosenberger