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A Rigorous Process Enables Beal to Accept Canadian and International Students

Bangor’s Beal College commits to providing a superior education to all students with open arms

Founded in 1891, Beal College is Bangor’s oldest private college.

The United States of America has long been a desirable destination for academia. Our collegiate institutions are sought after not only by students in our country, but by students on an international scale.

There are 8,744 higher education institutes that are Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) also cites that of these certified schools, 24.7% are located in our local Northeast region.

The draw of attending an American college program has continued to soar in popularity. ICE found that between 2017 and 2018, there was a 4.3 % increase in students from South America, a 1.4% increase in students from Africa, and a 3.3% increase in students from Australia and the Pacific Islands. Over 135,000 international students seek degrees in fields related to computer and information sciences every year.

Interested in attending our BScN Program in New Brunswick?

Beal College in Bangor, Maine understands that access to a meaningful and well fit education is crucial to the quality of life for every student. This is why Beal College other schools have worked so hard to open their arms to Canadian and international students. They are aware that with all of the educational options that America has to offer, it is a difficult choice for students to make. Beal College is also aware that the relationship between an esteemed associate degree program and their international and Canadian students is an important bond with mutual benefits.

U.S. News says that tuition for an international student at a 2 year institute could be 4 times less expensive than that of a 4 year school. Within this time, students can reap more of the benefits of a smaller school during a 2 year program, absorbing as well as enriching campuses with cultural knowledge and perspectives.

The course material in an associate degree program can be more fundamentally directed to the career choice of the student. America also has a supported system that allows for more fluid “transfer probability” to other institutions across the country. This is a benefit because students have the opportunity to continue their educational goals with a solid foundation to further increase the positive financial and career prospects available in our country and their own.

The Value of an Associate’s Degree

International students who choose to study at a 2 year school have the chance to create stronger connections with professors and classmates that they might not get in traditional universities. Ford Murray Law explains that this connection and diversity of a campus can better prepare “all students for life in the 21st Century and global economy.” This also allows students, both international and American, to share ideas and authentic learning experiences that will benefit the school culture and the lives of all students.

Although associate degree programs can be a smart investment in a student’s future and even ambitions of cultural experience, some institutions that specialize in associate degree programs are lacking in opportunities and programming to offer international students. Beal College is a unique institution that considers what students are looking for in an education here in the United States.

ICE reports that “Fifty percent of international students seeking associate degrees studied either business or liberal arts…popular areas of study include computer and information sciences, as well as [the] health care profession.”

Beal College is aware of the types of programming students are seeking including business majors like accounting, administrative office professional, and human resource management, as well as programs in the medical field like medical assisting, health information technology, and their newly added and highly praised nursing program. Beal College also offers accelerated training for its associate degree programs allowing students complete their degree in less time.

Program Selection and a Bachelor’s Degree

In September of 2018, Beal launched its Nursing program and in September of 2019 it will begin its first Bachelor’s degree program in Health Information Management.

In addition to this wide arrange of rewarding career path selections, Beal College also offers programs in law enforcement and substance abuse counseling.  And in September of 2019, Beal will launch its first Bachelor’s degree program in Health Information Management which can be completed in just 32 months. With their vast offerings, flexible mod scheduling, and welcoming environment, Beal College has worked hard to be able extend these opportunities to Canadian and international students. This course of action is not an easy process.

Schools who wish to accept international students must be SEVP-Certified schools through a rigorous certification process with agencies including Homeland Security in order to enroll students in their institutions. The SEVP is “part of the National Security Investigations Division and acts as a bridge for government organizations that have an interest in information on nonimmigrants whose primary reason for coming to the United States is to be [a] student

Canadian students seeking to come to Beal College do not need to maintain a visa like international students and the Government of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada even work together with the United States and selected institute to provide financial aid for their Canadian students.

Both routes of making it to Beal College are accessible and open a multitude of doors for students to step through in order to achieve their educational and personal goals. The process for keeping these doors open and expanding is due in part to Beal College’s continual and intensive commitment to bringing quality education to willing and worthy students of every single background.

Beal College knows that offering accessible learning is crucial to our local and global society. The energy, resources, and excitement to extend a warm welcome to Canadian and international students shows Beal’s ongoing commitment to providing a valuable education to all students.

By M. Kidder