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Cannabis Career Information

Beal students gain the specialized skills and knowledge to work in the growing cannabis industry. (Photo: Leafly)


If you’re searching for a cannabis-centric career, you could have a bright outlook: the industry grew by *33% in a single year, so you can get rolling on a new career journey with one of Beal’s Cannabis Degrees. Whether you’re aiming for an entry-level position or want to pursue a top-paying profession, you’ll find a field full of opportunity just waiting for you to cultivate.

National Cannabis Salary Guide (2024): CannabizTeam’s updated salary guide contains Cannabis Salaries for important and popular roles in cannabis, CBD, and hemp businesses. The report is essential for cannabis business leaders and job seekers alike, providing essential information to guide compensation and the hiring process.

Four High Paying Jobs in the Cannabis Industry:  Much of the stigma related to the cannabis plant and industry is becoming dispelled, and the field offers all sorts of opportunities. Whether it’s at the management level, marketing and sales, or at the production level, more and more people are needed to fill crucial roles.

2022 Leafly Jobs Report: The annual Leafly Jobs Report, produced in partnership with Whitney Economics, is the nation’s most comprehensive cannabis employment study.

The Legal Cannabis Industry is the Most Prolific Job Creator in America – Supporting More Than 428,000 Jobs



Additional Information

Data Research:  The national data and local data obtained during the feasibility analysis performed by the University’s administrative and academic team supported the program’s viability assessments and decision to offer the following programs:

Program Descriptions / Outlines:



*2022 Leafly Jobs Report