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Beal University Online Programs

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Start training for a career in Business or Healthcare from the comfort of your home with Beal University’s online programs

Online Professional Business and Healthcare Programs

At Beal University, we offer a variety of Business and Healthcare programs online* so you can pursue an education and get the flexibility and support you need to succeed. To help you achieve a stress-free learning environment, our expert instructors and staff are here to provide you with personalized instruction and one-on-one attention.

Students will not have to worry about missing out on a traditional learning experience. Group projects, discussion questions, and integrative assignments create an interactive curriculum. Subsequently, this provides a hands-on experience that you can complete from the comfort of your home or office. Looking for additional support? You can still access campus services such as the writing center, library services, technical support, and career services.

Our Online Programs

  • Business Administration

    The Business programs will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to start a rewarding business career. You can choose between the Associate's or Bachelor's Degree program. You will learn a variety of important business topics, including accounting, marketing, economics, finance, business law, and healthcare management. You will feel fully prepared to enter the workforce as a business professional and start a career in a short period of time. Learn more.

  • Bachelors in Nursing (BSN)

    Our online program will continue to develop your nursing knowledge without impacting your nursing practice... Learn more.

  • Biomedical Science (BS)

    Looking to start a science-related position in a variety of industries? Our Online Biomedical Science program can help you get there... Learn more.

  • Healthcare Sciences

    If you're interested in starting a career in the Healthcare field or are looking to enhance your existing one... Learn more.

  • Health Information Management

    With a Bachelor's degree in Health Information Management, you’ll be prepared to advance into professional leadership roles as a medical records manager, risk management officer, clinical data analyst, corporate compliance officer and more. Work in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and other medical institutions. Learn more.

  • Health Information Technology

    Health Information Technology professionals are responsible for the quality, integrity, and protection of patients' health information. Beal's HIT program incorporates the disciplines of medicine, management, finance, information technology, and law into one curriculum. Because of this unique mixture, HIT graduates can choose from a variety of work settings. Learn more.

  • Masters in Nursing (MSN)

    If you're looking to expand your nursing career opportunities, Beal University's Master of Science in Nursing Degree could be right for you. Learn more.

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Are you ready to take the next step in your business career? Our Master's in Business Administration (MBA) program provides training in a variety of topics that can result in career growth from supervisory to management or leadership positions in an organization or business. Learn more.

  • Accounting

    Accounting is one of the most solid careers in terms of employability and stability, and also in terms of consistent growth. Selecting any program of study is not easy with the constantly changing professional environment, but having an Accounting Associate Degree from Beal University lets you know that your education will be current when you enter the workforce. Learn more.

  • Human Resources

    During the business-focused Human Resource Management Associate Degree program, you'll get application-oriented training in many aspects of Human Resource Management, such as accounting and payroll, employee benefits, employment law, management communications, principles of marketing, ethics in business and more. All this to thoroughly prepare you for when you enter the workforce. Learn more.

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*Students must hold an Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology to complete the Bachelor’s in Health Information Management 100% online.