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Beal Stories

Amy Damboise ’23

Amy Damboise had been a Nurse's Aid over 25 years, but Amy wanted more. She wished to care for people on a deeper level. Amy earned her Associate Degree in Nursing at Beal University which fast-tracked her career goal to become a nurse. "It is super rewarding," says Amy. Her dedication and hard work paid off.

Alisha Goss ‘20

Alisha Goss is a Beal graduate who overcame huge obstacles to earn a diploma, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in addiction counseling. Alisha’s story is one of remarkable achievement. Alisha says, “If you would’ve told me five years ago that I’d be sitting where I am today, I probably would have laughed at you.” Beal’s mission is to help students along their journey. Beal was there when Alisha needed a hand.

Nikia Austin ‘21

Nikia Austin is a Beal welding graduate who loves the hands-on nature of welding. Nikia was well prepared to enter the field as a female welder - and Beal University gave her the confidence to excel in her field.

Laura Woodman ’22

Laura Woodman is a 2022 Beal graduate who was determined to complete her Associate’s degree in Accounting (A.A.S.) after a very long interval. She is now studying to earn a Bachelor’s degree. As Laura describes, “It was a smart choice. Beal made it so easy to come back.”

Jasmin Dill ‘22

Jasmin Dill is a 2022 Beal graduate who enrolled in the Health Information Technology program and earned her Associate’s degree (A.A.S.). She now works as a diagnostic coder at Penobscot Valley Hospital in Lincoln, Maine. As Jasmin describes, “It just kind of sparked my interest … and I just ran with it from there.”

Thomas Ireland ‘22

Thomas Ireland is a Beal welding graduate who wanted to earn a diploma in a short amount of time so that he could go to work immediately. Beal provided him with the instruction as well as the mindset needed for success. Thomas says, "It was a great experience. You can't just sit in the back and hide. You are welding all the time building your skillset. They treat it like it's a job so one important thing you learn is to show up on time!

Kimberly Mills ‘95

Kimberly Mills is a 1995 Beal graduate who went on to earn three more degrees including a doctorate. Kimberly states, “Earning a degree is important because it allows you to become more stable in your community and to find new ways to grow.” Beal helped Kimberly realize that she could achieve her goals.

Ginny Horner, ‘19

Ginny Horner is a Beal graduate who was uncertain that she had what it took to earn her Associate’s degree as a Medical Assistant (A.A.S.). But Beal changed her entire mindset. As Ginny says, “Beal encourages you and make you feel like no matter what you can achieve anything! They made it feel like I could go back and get another degree, even at 43 years old!”