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The Mod System at Beal Makes for Faster Semesters

Beal College’s Modular System makes life easier! Beal College is best known for its unique class scheduling system, called a Mod System, where classes run half as long as regular semesters. Full-time students still complete the same number of college credits per year but focus on fewer classes at a time.

How Beal College’s Mod system stands out:

  • Students attend school year-round, skip all of the school breaks and graduate faster
  • The 12-month school year is divided into 6 individual terms; each term is 8-weeks long
  • Full-time students take just 5 to 6 credits per Mod
  • Each course typically meets twice per week for 2.5 hours
  • Classes are scheduled Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • No Friday classes for almost all majors!
  • Many programs offer evening classes, in addition to day classes
  • Certain programs offer distance education or hybrid options