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Get the Skills to Become a Law Enforcement Professional

A female law enforcement student practising making an arrest. If you want to get your law enforcement degree in Bangor, ME then call Beal College today!
By taking the Law Enforcement program you can pursue a personally gratifying and stable career in Law Enforcement

Accelerated Law Enforcement Program in Bangor, Maine

For those who are drawn to a fast-paced, exciting, and challenging career in Law Enforcement, Beal University is here to prepare you for success. The Law Enforcement profession looks promising as job openings are expected to rise in the coming years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whether you’re new to Law Enforcement or you’re a current Law Enforcement professional looking to advance your skills, Beal University is here to help you succeed.

Your Future in Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement program is designed to prepare you for various careers in law enforcement. As a student, you’ll get hands-on training to prepare you for real-world situations that you may face if you go on to become a Law Enforcement Professional.

During the program, you’ll receive ‘use of force’ training with a lifelike simulator and practice traffic and high risk stops with police cruisers – all to prepare you for police academy training and more. Upon graduation, you’ll be fully prepared to confront the social, ethical, and legal issues officers are faced with.

The best way to see if Beal University is the right fit for you is to contact an admissions representative. Get more information on the Law Enforcement program, class schedules, and financial aid options so that you can make an informed decision about your future. Get more info or Book a Tour.

Diploma and Degree Options

As a student, you’ll start by taking the 14 month*, 36 credit Law Enforcement Diploma program. From there, you can choose to take an additional 8-months* of general education courses to complete the Law Enforcement Associate’s Degree. With that option, you would graduate with both a diploma and a degree.

At Beal University, we offer two Law Enforcement programs:

Law Enforcement – Diploma (14 Months*):

If you are looking to quickly start a career in Law Enforcement, consider our 14-month* Diploma program. This program is intended for those who wish to take a faster, less in-depth approach to becoming a Law Enforcement professional.

Law Enforcement – Associate’s Degree | 8 Months*  (Prerequisite: 14 Month Diploma Program)
100% Online (this is a degree completion program – student must possesses a Diploma in Law Enforcement):

Our 8-month* Associate’s Degree completion program is designed to prepare you for a career in law enforcement and provides the opportunity for currently employed law enforcement professionals to further their education. You will be provided with the skills and hands-on training you need to feel fully prepared to start a career as a Law Enforcement professional.

Become Qualified in Law Enforcement

Beal University offers you a practical approach to Law Enforcement education, one that you can put to use every day of your new career. Our courses will help you practice, develop, and master the skills you’ll need to respond to emergencies, provide public safety, and investigate suspicious and illegal activities.

You must pass a mandatory fitness test to become a Police Officer, and Beal University has the only program in Maine that includes physical education classes. Our gym facilities, which include updated gym equipment, will help you accomplish this. Also, you’ll need to develop your physical conditioning and self-defense abilities to help prepare you for the challenges of your future career.

With flexible online and on-campus schedules, smaller class sizes, and accelerated programs, you will feel prepared and supported to pursue your career goals upon graduation.

Throughout the Law Enforcement program, you’ll take courses like:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Professional Law Enforcement Ethics
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Physical Conditioning & Self Defense Tactics
  • Community Oriented Policing
  • Criminal Investigations & Forensics
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Technical Writing for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Police Patrol Procedures & Field Training
  • General Education Courses

If you choose to take the 12-month* Law Enforcement Diploma you will not be required to complete all of the courses that appear on this list.

Is a Career in Law Enforcement Right for You? Take the Beal University "Law Enforcement Career Readiness" Quiz

This fun, online quiz takes 3 minutes to complete and you’ll get a personalized report. Identify your strengths and social style plus the training and positions you’re best suited for. Get your Law Enforcement career readiness score now >>

I loved everything about Beal College. It was two days a week that I could come and escape into my program and to be with other people who are just as passionate as I am about my program. To be able to be around the staff and the students who were just as passionate about our careers as we were. I loved everything about Beal College and being able to come here and learn.
Brittney Gillis, Law Enforcement Graduate

Online Class Delivery

All degree programs at Beal University are offered with hybrid learning options! At Beal, you can take many classes online from the comfort of your home. Distance learning fits your life schedule, letting you complete your courses stress-free. The first 4-6 months of your program can be completed online, so there’s no need to put off your education. Hybrid and online learning options give you the peace of mind, flexibility, and support that you need to succeed!

Get Real-World Experience

You will also complete a 160-hour externship near the end of your program. On-the-job learning is an extremely valuable factor in law enforcement education, which is why Beal University gets its students into real-life law enforcement environments. Beal has fostered a strong relationship with our local county so you can get externship placement assistance from professionals in the industry. This first-hand training is invaluable, and it will truly prepare you to become a Law Enforcement Professional.

Diverse Career Prospects

An Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement will set you up for Police Academy training to become a Police Patrol Officer, State Trooper, Sheriff’s Deputy and more. With your Beal degree and training at the Police Academy, you’ll have the skills necessary to work in a Sheriff’s Department, Correctional Facility, in Private Security or Police Departments.

Upon completion of the Law Enforcement program, you’ll be qualified for positions such as:

  • Police Officer
  • State Trooper
  • Sheriff’s Department
  • Private Security
  • Security Guard
  • Corrections Officers and Jailers
  • Patrolman / Patrol Officer
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Alcohol Law Enforcement Agent Officer
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Campus Security Officer
  • Surveillance Agent

Law Enforcement Professionals Are Needed to Fill Many Roles

Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies are responsible for identifying, pursuing and arresting suspects and criminals, preparing reports, helping accident victims, and maintaining general order in the community. All Law Enforcement Professionals should be competent in listening, have strong critical thinking skills, and exercise good judgment. They should have integrity, attention to detail, and self-control.

While working as a Law Enforcement Professional, you may be given duties such as:

  • Providing for public safety by responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, and enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws
  • Recording facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities
  • Monitoring, noting, reporting, and investigating suspicious persons and situations, safety hazards, and unusual or illegal activity
  • Patrolling specific areas on foot, horseback, or motorized conveyance, and responding promptly to calls for assistance
  • Identifying, pursuing, and arresting suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts
  • Rendering aid to accident victims and other persons requiring first aid for physical injuries
  • Testifying in court to present evidence or acting as a witness in traffic and criminal cases

Is a Rewarding Career in Law Enforcement Right for You? Get More Info…

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*Program length when completed in normal time.