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Nursing Journal Entry #9

I have now completed two and a half shifts on mother-baby. I have been giving oral and IV push medications, IM injections, flushing IV lines, assessing fundal heights, mothers, and babies, and have done neuro/reflex assessments on an antepartum with severe preeclampsia. I have also removed IVs and Foleys.

One if my days was spent in the newborn nursery learning about the screening tests for cardiology, hearing, metabolic functions, and meconium drug testing. I have also assisted with 2 circumcisions and learned that there are a lot of areas to chart on for mother and baby. There are so many areas on mother and baby that need to be charted one through the day either hourly or at least every two hours, I am still learning all the areas that need charting. The charting takes a while to complete, but I am sure that I will get the hang of it soon.