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Nursing Journal Entry #7

“I started my partnership on Tuesday at St. Joe’s CPCU and then went again yesterday after class for a partial shift. It was a busy two days since my preceptor Beth, had and Emily who is on her last week of orientation as a nurse. Beth and I took primary care of one patient while Emily was the primary nurse on the other four patients we had. The patient I had come in for Sepsis and had a sitter due to being combative and only oriented to self. I was able to help with assessments, hanging IV fluids, IV mag, IV antibiotics, and oral medications for all of our patients. My primary patient was transitioned to Comfort Care yesterday morning so that completely changed how we care and document our patient. Her family is able to be at her bedside 24/7 instead of the normal visiting hours that the hospital has. I was able to give Ativan IVP to help with her agitation yesterday and it was interesting to see how quickly she calmed down after. We also had two patients on heparin drips, so I was able to learn more about rate changes, the protocols for heparin, and all the different places that we need to document any rate changes for it. I’m excited to see how next week goes when I have my preceptor to myself and we have a full assignment to care for.”