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Nursing Journal Entry #5

Hi guys! I started my partnership in the ED at Maine Coast in Ellsworth. This has been my “home base” hospital for some time now working as a paramedic. Because of my familiarity there I was not sure if I wanted to do my partnership there or branch out somewhere new. I adore all the nurses there and after my first day I knew I made the right choice! They wasted no time throwing me into the fire. The ED is a whole different world than the back of an ambulance. I really enjoyed getting to work with a team and seeing how they work together to stabilize a critical patient. I also loved having a diverse group of patients at all times; crisis in one room, febrile baby in another, nursing home urosepsis coming in the ambulance bay while a vented patient is getting wheeled up to the ICU. My brain was on screech all day and I loved every minute of it!

The Beal College Nursing Journal is an overview of the student’s final class at Beal and contains student reflections and thoughts on her/his clinical partnership, a 120 hour experience
where the student is functioning as a full-fledged RN. Journals help to preserve important events and memories and provide learning opportunities for Nursing students.