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Nursing Journal Entry #4

These past few weeks have seemed to be crazy-busy with life and school combined. I am so excited to finally be at the point of Partnership and even more excited to land a rotation in the field I am interested in working. I completed my first partnership shift yesterday at EMMC Level 7- Labor & Delivery! It was not a boring day at all. When I arrived on the unit everyone was so welcoming. Prior to any sort of introductions, they let me know that my Preceptor had already hit the floor to assist with an emergency c-section. They rushed me in to get changed so I could be in the OR with her. Later in the shift Dr. Benoit arrived to do a delivery and asked that I be in there with him. Overall I had an awesome first day. I am grateful for how kind all the staff were and involved in helping me learn and understand their department. I am looking forward to returning and learning more.

The Beal College Nursing Journal is an overview of the student’s final class at Beal and contains student reflections and thoughts on her/his clinical partnership, a 120 hour experience
where the student is functioning as a full-fledged RN. Journals help to preserve important events and memories and provide learning opportunities for Nursing students.