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Nursing Journal Entry #2

First day is history. I’m more tired than I have been in a very long time. It was a really fantastic day. I did assessments, hung several IV’s, gave a ton of meds, learned a lot about charting, calling docs, and the importance of QTC intervals! My sweet little preceptor is Olivia.  We had some good laughs and managed to get through the day with great success. Everyone on CPCU is so welcoming and very excited for me. Really nice environment. I couldn’t be happier… or more tired! Good night, all!!

The Beal College Nursing Journal is an overview of the student’s final class at Beal and contains student reflections and thoughts on her/his clinical partnership, a 120 hour experience
where the student is functioning as a full-fledged RN. Journals help to preserve important events and memories and provide learning opportunities for Nursing students.