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Nursing homes face ongoing staff shortages – a problem that predates the pandemic

Authored: Rose Lundy and Braeden Waddell Published: July 25, 2021 The Maine Monitor The use of contract nurses and assistants in Maine has soared since 2017 as administrators scramble for solutions. In the years before the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the nation’s long-term care facilities and overwhelmed healthcare workers, Maine nursing homes increasingly hired nurses

Mills to announce new initiatives aimed at addressing shortage of health care workers in Maine

Authored: Griffin Stockford Published: October 25, 2021 NEWS CENTER Maine Health care worker shortages across Maine have led some hospitals to scale back services in recent weeks. This isn’t a new issue in Maine, but the pandemic has only made it worse. At 1 p.m. Monday, Gov. Janet Mills is set to announce new initiatives by her

Beal University’s Dean of Nursing Speaks with WCSH About Healthcare Shortage

Author: Sam Rogers (NEWS CENTER Maine) Published: 6:41 PM EDT October 13, 2021 Updated: 8:09 AM EDT October 14, 2021 Facebook Twitter ‘It’s hurting this state and it’s hurting everyone’: Years-long staffing shortages continue to affect Maine health care LEWISTON, Maine — When Central Maine Medical Center announced Tuesday nursing staffing shortages were the result

Nursing Journal Entry #9

I have now completed two and a half shifts on mother-baby. I have been giving oral and IV push medications, IM injections, flushing IV lines, assessing fundal heights, mothers, and babies, and have done neuro/reflex assessments on an antepartum with severe preeclampsia. I have also removed IVs and Foleys. One if my days was spent

Nursing Journal Entry #8

It’s been another amazing week in labor and delivery. Monday, it was dead, all day until about 14:30. My preceptor said that I could go home, and just do the rest of my hours another day. And then, the phone rang. I answered, OB this is Cassie. The midwife on the other end of the

Nursing Journal Entry #7

“I started my partnership on Tuesday at St. Joe’s CPCU and then went again yesterday after class for a partial shift. It was a busy two days since my preceptor Beth, had and Emily who is on her last week of orientation as a nurse. Beth and I took primary care of one patient while

Nursing Journal Entry #6

“I started my partnership on Tuesday. My preceptor only works Tues, Wed, and Thursdays. Due to class and work, I am only with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday, I had a patient come in with DKA. I was able to help figure out the bolus and drip rates for their insulin infusion. Today, Thursday,

Nursing Journal Entry #5

Hi guys! I started my partnership in the ED at Maine Coast in Ellsworth. This has been my “home base” hospital for some time now working as a paramedic. Because of my familiarity there I was not sure if I wanted to do my partnership there or branch out somewhere new. I adore all the

Nursing Journal Entry #4

These past few weeks have seemed to be crazy-busy with life and school combined. I am so excited to finally be at the point of Partnership and even more excited to land a rotation in the field I am interested in working. I completed my first partnership shift yesterday at EMMC Level 7- Labor &

Nursing Journal Entry #3

It certainly was a different role but one I’ve been so excited to be a part of for so many years. Administering TNKase to one of my patients was a little unnerving but my nurse and the doctor were amazing at explaining the process and what was happening with the different rhythm changes. Then packing