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Nursing Journal Entry #9

I have now completed two and a half shifts on mother-baby. I have been giving oral and IV push medications, IM injections, flushing IV lines, assessing fundal heights, mothers, and babies, and have done neuro/reflex assessments on an antepartum with severe preeclampsia. I have also removed IVs and Foleys. One if my days was spent

Nursing Journal Entry #8

It’s been another amazing week in labor and delivery. Monday, it was dead, all day until about 14:30. My preceptor said that I could go home, and just do the rest of my hours another day. And then, the phone rang. I answered, OB this is Cassie. The midwife on the other end of the

Nursing Journal Entry #7

“I started my partnership on Tuesday at St. Joe’s CPCU and then went again yesterday after class for a partial shift. It was a busy two days since my preceptor Beth, had and Emily who is on her last week of orientation as a nurse. Beth and I took primary care of one patient while

Nursing Journal Entry #6

“I started my partnership on Tuesday. My preceptor only works Tues, Wed, and Thursdays. Due to class and work, I am only with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday, I had a patient come in with DKA. I was able to help figure out the bolus and drip rates for their insulin infusion. Today, Thursday,

Nursing Journal Entry #5

Hi guys! I started my partnership in the ED at Maine Coast in Ellsworth. This has been my “home base” hospital for some time now working as a paramedic. Because of my familiarity there I was not sure if I wanted to do my partnership there or branch out somewhere new. I adore all the

Nursing Journal Entry #4

These past few weeks have seemed to be crazy-busy with life and school combined. I am so excited to finally be at the point of Partnership and even more excited to land a rotation in the field I am interested in working. I completed my first partnership shift yesterday at EMMC Level 7- Labor &

Nursing Journal Entry #3

It certainly was a different role but one I’ve been so excited to be a part of for so many years. Administering TNKase to one of my patients was a little unnerving but my nurse and the doctor were amazing at explaining the process and what was happening with the different rhythm changes. Then packing

Nursing Journal Entry #2

First day is history. I’m more tired than I have been in a very long time. It was a really fantastic day. I did assessments, hung several IV’s, gave a ton of meds, learned a lot about charting, calling docs, and the importance of QTC intervals! My sweet little preceptor is Olivia.  We had some

Nursing Journal Entry #1

I am doing my partnership at EMMC on the cardiac floor. I already had my first day on Wednesday and I really enjoyed it. I already feel like I’ve learned more in one day than I had in any of my clinicals. My preceptor is awesome. The floor is taking more cardiac patients than they

Beal College Nursing Program Tackles the Shortage

Through the use of high-tech training techniques, Beal College is preparing the next generation of nurses for success. Bangor Daily News | Nov. 16, 2020 – Nursing has quickly become the most important profession due to wild outbreaks of COVID-19 in our country. Consequently It’s no surprise that right now, hospitals are experiencing a strain