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Beal University Offers Tuition Credit For RN-BSN Program

Beal University celebrates the nursing community by offering a new $3K tuition credit for their fully online RN-BSN program.

Things in the U.S. are looking up as vaccines roll out to the citizens that need it most. Although, one thing holding us back from even better results is the state’s shortage of BSN’s at its hospitals and healthcare facilities. Even before the pandemic started, nurses holding a Bachelor’s of Science were in short supply in Maine. And with many of our most experienced and qualified nurses retiring, we’ll need more nurses holding the BSN credential.

It’s vitally important that we support those looking to help us in our time of need. Beal University wants to do its part by offering a new tuition credit for nurses seeking their Bachelor’s degree.

Preparing The Nurse of Tomorrow

2020 was a year filled with challenges, but not without success stories. This past year over 70 nursing students at Beal University overcame hardships and graduated with flying colors. Dr. Colleen Koob, the Dean of the School of Nursing, is proud to see the positive impact these graduates have had,

“We have heard from our local facilities that they feel like our students, for the most part, are the “cream of the crop”.  These community partners say they can see the amount of work we have put into our program and our students – to prepare the nurse of tomorrow.”

Throughout 2020, Beal University was focusing on adapting its programs to serve the community during the pandemic. Online classes and new technology like the VR clinic and Victoria Birthing Simulator made this past year a success for the nursing program despite countless obstacles.

Making Excellence Achievable

Beal University is reaching out to help dedicated nurses achieve higher education. Through Beal’s RN-BSN program, RN’s have the opportunity to build on their past education to meet the demands of nursing in today’s complex healthcare system. In this program, Beal University will help students navigate a collection of key topics that pertain to the modern nurse. Leadership, critical thinking, and professional nursing practices are just a few of the skills that students will master within the program.

While furthering your education may seem like a lot to handle right now, hospitals and clinics across the country are requiring RN’s to work towards obtaining their Bachelor’s degrees. Thankfully, students in Beal’s RN-BSN program will not have to put their lives on hold to attend. Beal’s student-centric approach to designing the program ensured that it is completely online, making success obtainable from wherever you are.

Beal’s 130th anniversary is on the horizon, and more success stories are just waiting to be seen. If you want 2021 to hold your next success as well, contact the admissions office to learn more about applying!

By: Will Rosenberger