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Beal College Introduces New Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Completion Program – Fully Online

RN to BSN Program Begins October, 2019

Bangor Daily News | In our ever-evolving modern world, technology and healthcare are constantly advancing. Healthcare professionals are no exception to this positive evolution. In 2010 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a study that prompted them to create the goal of having 80% of nurses prepared with at least a bachelor of science in nursing within 10 years. 2020 is quickly approaching and this still immensely relevant goal of further educating our nurses remains an important objective. The IOM’s crucial research proved that nurses with higher levels of education, such as a bachelor or master degree, had better patient outcomes and a decreased mortality rate.

Beal College in Bangor, Maine has set out to provide their community with passionate and highly educated nurses that can ensure the most quality healthcare in their community. In addition to their successful pre-licensure 20 month associate of nursing degree program, Beal College is now offering a means for nurses to continue their education at the baccalaureate level.

The BSN program strives to create a well-rounded professional nurse. Course work in the BSN program includes what Beal College’s Dean of Nursing, Dr. Colleen Koob assures are the “fun” classes in nursing, where students get to use their professional skills and knowledge to think outside of the box for their patients.

Beal’s BSN program provides courses that help nursing students improve their quality of care, prepare them for various advanced roles like becoming a care manager through training in leadership, and helping them explore treatment options outside of the pharmaceutical realm.

Holistic Healthcare Classes

Students have the unique opportunity to broaden their practice by learning about the field of holistic healthcare. This instruction includes popular alternative therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, and beyond. In addition to developing a wide array of professional nursing techniques, Beal’s BSN program also puts a purposeful focus on diversity in the healthcare field with their “Transcultural Perspectives in Healthcare” course. Other coursework included in the BSN program are genetics, pathophysiology, nursing leadership, and bioinformatics.

This much anticipated bachelor degree program is designed with busy, working nurses in mind. In order to meet the needs of aspiring, passionate and hard-working nurses, Beal College is offering their BSN program as a fully online experience.

Dr. Koob understands the challenge that practicing nurses face when wanting to expand their professional scope through continuing their education. She recognizes that nurses are incredibly busy with 12 hour shifts that can happen day or night. Fitting in a traditional bachelor degree program for a nurse might not be feasible.

“It becomes hard [for nurses] to schedule a time to continue your education,” Koob explains with sympathy for those trying to advance their nursing knowledge and careers.

Learning Online at Beal College

Under Dr. Koob’s direction, Beal College will be unveiling their fully online bachelor of science nursing program on October 28, 2019. The flexibility of an online BSN allows more nurses to take a step toward the IOM’s research-based goal of having higher educated nurses in our communities. Beal College hopes to be a key player in making the dream of higher education a reality for our highly dedicated nursing professionals.

The admissions process is streamlined, all potential students need is an unencumbered nursing license and an associates degree from an accredited college. Students also have the opportunity to join the program at six times throughout the year with Beal College’s accommodating schedule.

Beal’s BSN follows the classic modular scheduling system of 8 week courses. The online coursework allows for students to continue their busy lives as nurses while advancing their knowledge and their careers. The BSN program takes 14 months to complete if students take only 2 classes per module. Students also have the option of taking a 28 month path to a bachelor of science in nursing degree by taking one course per mod, allowing even more flexibility for professional schedules.

In the online coursework, weekly assignments will be held in synchronous and asynchronous sessions to allow for individualized time management as well as accessibility of group work and interactive components. Video content and communication will also be a facet of the online BSN program, still allowing for that valuable connection between teacher, student, and community to exist in this platform. Dr. Koob points out that the differentiation that can be provided for all students makes this program unique. She is also aware that there is one essential piece to this exclusive nursing program, “we’re about being here for our community.”

Keeping the importance of compassion and care in mind, Dr. Koob reminds students that they always have a place in the Beal College community regardless of their programming needs. “We care about the community, it’s just going to get a little bigger with the online world…we’re still right here.”

Beal College’s new BSN program has passionate instructors and practical schedules all within their caring environment. Beal is currently accepting BSN program students for their upcoming mod (starting October 28th, 2019). Nurses should look no further than Beal for the next step in their higher education journey.

About Beal College

Beal College offers diploma, associate and bachelor degrees on-campus and online in an environment that values small class sizes, individualized attention, and a hands-on experience. Founded in 1891, Beal College is the longest-running higher education institution in Bangor, preparing students for careers in fields as diverse as nursing (ADN and RN to BSN), biomedical science (BS), medical assisting, health information (AS and BS) law enforcement, substance abuse counseling, welding, and more. To find out more, visit

By M. Garbe